Owen Ware, PhD

Associate Professor of Philosophy

University of Toronto

Research Overview

Much of my previous work pursued two broad themes: how conceptions of freedom and morality were intertwined during the late enlightenment period, especially in the work of Kant and his immediate successors. At the front of this research was a question of how commitments to moral autonomy require a certain kind of idealist framework, and in the background of this research was a critical examination of how most meta-ethical theory today has assumed that we can leave this framework aside. The results of this research were published in two books, Fichte’s Moral Philosophy (Oxford University Press, 2020) and Kant’s Justification of Ethics (Oxford University Press, 2021).

Currently, I am developing projects on (1) the metaphysics of freedom in Kant and Post-Kantian philosophy, (2) approaches to mythology in Anglo-German romanticism, and (3) classical Indian systems of thought and their European reception.

Areas of Focus

Topics of Interest